College Football Cheerleader Photo Gallery

  • Ahoy Mateys!

    One of the many things that makes college football the greatest sport on the planet are the coeds who spend their fall Saturdays cheering on their male counterparts on the gridiron.

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    Let former Oregon cheerleader Katelynn Johnson (center) take the wheel and guide you through the hottest pictures of college football cheerleaders.

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  • California Girls

    Are truly unforgettable, especially when we are talking about the USC Song Girls at the pool together.

  • Besties!

    Johnson (left) and Amanda Pflugrad (right) - now both trying to become the next Erin Andrews as college football sideline reporters - looking angelic in all-white. All that’s missing are halos.

  • She Wants YOU!

    Like that old Uncle Sam poster - but way better.

  • Back In Black

    The Song Girls always turn heads when they show up together for the “Swim With Mike” charity event.

  • White Noise

    Our favorite Oregon uniforms yet…

  • Ooh La La

    At Oregon, they’re cheerleaders-slash-models - not the other way around.

  • Real. Comfortable. Jeans.

    Insert your own Brett Favre joke here.

  • Scoreboard!

    “We’re up by 50 in the 2nd quarter? Yeah, that’s about right…”

  • Angelic Devil

    There isn’t a bigger misnomer than “Sun Devils” for the legendary beauties at sun-soaked Arizona State.

  • Enjoying The View

    Seriously, what’s in the water in Tempe?

  • Practice Makes Perfect

    If you had Amanda and Katelynn on your team, you’d love practice too.

  • Soaring To New Heights

    Ex-Iowa Hawekeye Rebecca Hodge wasn’t just an Iowa cheerleader, she was also named Miss Iowa USA 2012 and Miss USA’s Miss Congeniality.

  • Turn Up The Heat

    The temperature in Tempe always goes up when the Oregon cheerleaders come to town.

  • Southern Belle

    The Deep South is home to many beautiful girls, like this LSU Tigers cheerleader.

  • Song Girl to Silver Screen?

    Former Song Girl and aspiring actress Lindsey Grubbs has gone from wowing college football fans to wooing casting directors.

  • Framer!

    This photo, signed by ex-Duck cheerleader Kelsey Luscombe, is now undoubtedly hanging over someone’s fireplace in Eugene.

  • Blonds Have More Fun

    At least when they look like this they do…

  • Year-Round Cheer

    “Can we interest you in an Oregon cheerleading calendar?” Why yes, yes you can.

  • Howdy, Partner

    Former Texas cheerleader Lacey Stockbauer shows off UT cheerleading’s cowgirl look complete with the squad’s trademark chaps.

  • Girl Power

    Florida State used to be a women’s-only school and has a reputation for some of the prettiest coeds in the country.

  • Bienvenidos a Miami

    While the football team is a doormat, FIU cheerleading certainly has talent.

  • Amanda & Katelynn...

    ...together again…

  • Touchdown!

    At Oregon, even the cheerleaders find their way into the end zone.

  • This Looks Familiar...

    Are you sensing a theme with Katelynn and the all-white? Not that we’re complaining…

  • Tebowing

    Tim Tebow might have had second thoughts about playing at Florida after meeting Ms. Pflugrad.

  • Nice Try, Pal

    There was a guy in this picture. Don’t worry, we cropped him out for you.

  • Instagram That Joint

    When is the “Oregon cheerleader” filter that makes everything look 10 times better coming to Instagram?

  • Feeling Frisky

    All those push-ups after Oregon scores definitely pays off for The Duck mascot.

  • Hitting The Slopes

    Why are Oklahoma State cheerleaders hitting the ski slopes in bikinis? Some questions weren’t meant to be answered.

  • Guess Who?

    Katelynn and Amanda are as inseparable as they come.

  • Some FCS Love

    You probably have never heard of Presbyterian College or knew the South Carolina school had an FCS football team. Well, now you do.

  • The Old College Try(out)

    At Oregon cheer tryouts, they learn early how to rock the “O.”

  • Break at the Lake

    Oregon cheerleading’s annual summer pilgrimage to nearby Triangle Lake always has breath-taking views.

  • Slumber Party?!

    Note to The Duck: We like where your head’s at.

  • You Must Whip It

    The Oregon cheerleaders lead the nation in looks - and sass.

  • Splishin' And a Splashin'

    The USC Song Girls frolic in the water with the school band during their annual Lake Tahoe summer trip. This must be what Band Geek Heaven looks like…

  • Rising Power

    TCU’s rise from anonymous non-BCS conference school to Big 12 power has been a beautiful thing to watch.

  • Beauty & The QB

    Florida cheerleader Tarin Moses - who just-so-happens to be dating starting quarterback Jeff Driskel - lights up the Gators’ sideline.

  • Twice As Fun

    Former FIU cheerleading twins Alexandra and Michelle Montesino had fans in Miami seeing double at Golden Panther football games.

  • Not So Fast, My Friend

    While the USC Song Girls soak up all the attention, the cheerleaders at crosstown UCLA are also easy on the eyes.

  • We Are Young

    Don’t be fooled by the name, Ole Miss has some of the most beautiful coeds in the country.

  • Sic 'Em!

    Wonder how Baylor football has gone from punching bag to contender in the Big 12? Cheerleaders who look like this don’t hurt…

  • Geaux Crazy

    LSU’s offense doesn’t score often but when they do, it’s also an opportunity to see some of the most beautiful cheerleaders in the country.

  • Cheerin' Ain't Easy

    This Baylor cheerleader and her male companion remember the importance of staying hydrated on the sideline.

  • Heart of a Champion

    We’ve got a soft spot in our heart for all Kansas cheerleaders, as the Jayhawks’ football team doesn’t give ladies like this much to work with in the fall.

  • S-E-C!

    The SEC has won seven consecutive national football titles but the dynasty of beautiful coeds in the conference might be even more impressive.

  • High Heels

    Good news: North Carolina’s football team is trending upward. Better news: That’s more opportunity to see UNC’s cheerleaders do their thing.

  • Somethin' Bruin

    UCLA dancer MaCall Manor has turned heads on campus in Westwood and on the internet with her moves.

  • Best for Last

    Mmm, hmmm; this Oregon cheerleader is definitely the full package.

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