Best Pictures of ESPN’s Samanatha Steele Ponder

  • Protégé & Mentor

    Warm-blooded males everywhere were crushed when Erin Andrews left ESPN’s college football coverage for FOX in 2012 - only to be pleasantly surprised that her replacement, Samantha Steele, was a gorgeous girl-next-door with a spunky personality.

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    In just over a year on the job for “College GameDay”, Steele has gained a huge following of her own and married Minnesota Vikings QB Christian Ponder after meeting him on the set of the show. We take a look at Sam Steele Ponder’s meteoric rise.

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  • Catching Fire

    Sam Ponder caught her first big break in college, interning in New York City for ABC’s college football studio show and being on-air talent for her school’s “Flames Television Network” while attending Liberty University in Virginia.

  • The Real World

    Ponder made an immediate splash after graduating college in 2009 when she was hired by FOX College Sports and FOX Sports Net to be a sideline reporter. Compare that to your first job out of college…

  • Hook 'Em

    It didn’t take long for ESPN to take notice of Steele, and she was hired in 2011 by The Worldwide Leader’s Longhorn Network to cover everything from football to volleyball.

  • Say Cheese!

    Just one year later, Steele’s meteoric rise continued as she replaced Andrews on ESPN’s “College GameDay.” Needless to say, she was an instant hit with fans.

  • Girl Next Door

    One things guys love so much about Sam is that she doesn’t need to be all dolled up with makeup to look great.

  • Staying Fit

    That being said, looking good isn’t always easy. Ponder grew up playing volleyball, softball, tennis, track and basketball - and likes to work up a sweat at the gym.

  • Secret Weapon

    Another part of her appeal? Those great dimples. What guy doesn’t love them?

  • Blue Steele

    Complementing those dimples are steely blue eyes that captivate her audience on television.

  • On The Job

    Pictured here working a college football sideline, Ponder often looks like a college student herself with her baby face. Hey, she’s still just just 27.

  • Lady In White

    But she also has a quiet elegance about her.

  • Legally Blond

    And of course, having long, blond hair never hurts draw attention from the opposite sex.

  • Meow!

    ... And neither does wearing leopard-print tops.

  • Dressed to the Nines

    Now a full-blown celebrity, Ponder is now a regular on red carpets as well. And the girl knows how to dress, as she was named one of the Top 10 Best-Dressed Sportscasters by Vanity Fair in January of 2013.

  • Love Birds

    It was love at first sight for Steele and Christian when they met on the “GameDay” set in September of 2012 for a Clemson-Florida State game in Tallahassee. By the end of the year, the two were already hitched.

  • Howdy, Partner!

    Further proving her fame hasn’t transformed Sam Ponder into a diva, her she is at her own wedding reception with a fire stick and dressed in cowboy boots.

  • Team Player

    The Ponders split their time between Arizona (where Sam grew up) and Minnesota, where Christian plays football. As you can see, Sam is all-aboard the Vikings bandwagon.

  • Fan Favorite

    Just because she’s hit the big-time doesn’t mean Ponder doesn’t have time for her adoring fans - especially when they are as cute as these little kids.

  • Power Couple

    One of sports’ biggest power couples, the Ponders are always hitting events together. Seriously, Christian, lose the bow tie.

  • Glammed-Up

    Ponder was looking her best at the 2013 ESPY Awards in a night gown that was Oscars-worthy. Needless to say, we have a feeling Sam will be employed by ESPN for many years to come…

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