Hottest Pictures of Blake Bortles’ GF Lindsey Duke - Lost Lettermen

Hottest Pictures of Blake Bortles’ GF Lindsey Duke

  • Oh, What a Knight

    Former UCF quarterback Blake Bortles is expected to be a Top 10 in the 2014 NFL Draft but many say his talent is surpassed by his own girlfriend, Lindsey Duke.

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    The social media sensation who was featured on ESPN prior to the Knight’s Fiesta Bowl win over Baylor looks like she will be the “Katherine Webb of 2014.”

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    Let’s take a closer look at Bortles’ better half….

  • Sun Bathing

    Brent Musburger must be furious he never got to call a UCF game while Bortles was there.

  • We Have Lift Off

    Duke’s stardom began with a cover shoot for Orlando’s aXis Magazine in August of 2013.

  • Back in Black

    Gee, we wonder why she caught everyone’s attention…

  • Coach's Approval

    Even UCF head coach George O’Leary said that Duke was worth “six million Googles” - whatever that means - for her looks.

  • Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay

    We can hear you from home screaming, “Jump in the water!”

  • School Spirit

    Duke is going to have to transfer her school spirit from UCF to an NFL franchise once her boyfriend is drafted.

  • Knight For Life

    But the UCF student will always love her Knights, which have turned into an unexpected power in the state of Florida under Bortles and O’Leary.

  • Supporting Her Man

    Duke has seen her boyfriend go from an unheralded recruit looking for scholarship offers to one of the highest-rated players for the 2014 draft.

  • Fun in the Sun

    Of course, you can only keep a Florida girl from the beach for so long.

  • The Cat's Meow

    And no swimwear collection is complete without a leopard-print suit.

  • Back in Black

    Lindsey really seems to like the color black. Oakland Raiders, are you listening?

  • Cavalleri Clone?

    Is it us or is this some Kristin Cavallari in Lindsey? The two might soon cross paths, as Cavallari is married to Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler.

  • Tap The Rockies

    We see an endorsement opportunity…

  • Furry Friend

    Why did Duke put duck shoes on her dog? We have no idea. We just post pictures of her, people.

  • Ready for Action

    Dressed up in military fatigues and eye black, Duke makes the armed forces look good.

  • White Hot

    We have a feeling Bortles is going to be instantly respected by his new teammates as soon as he steps into an NFL locker room.

  • Lady in Red

    There’s nothing more elegant than a form-fitting red dress. Could this be a preview of what we see in the 2014 NFL Draft green room?

  • Ready to Rock

    Oh, this two-piece number would work too…

  • Getting Called Up to The Bigs

    Ready or not, Bortles and Duke are taking their talents to the NFL after meteoric rises in Orlando.

    A power couple has been born….