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Top 10 Worst Dressed NBA Draft Picks Ever

  • 10. Andrew Wiggins (No. 1 pick, 2014)

    By Adam Sweeney and Jim Weber

    No one will ever confuse the NBA draft with a Paris runway. As a
    result of the myriad of fashion disasters we’ve seen each June, here’s the Top 10 Worst Dressed NBA Draft Picks Ever.

    The soft-spoken phenom from Canada went bold on draft night - very bold. Wiggins showed up in an all-black suit covered with white outlines of roses and no socks for his shoes. Wiggins’ goal of doing “something different” was definitely reached.

  • 9. Samaki Walker (No. 9 pick, 1996)

    Speaking of disastrous all-white looks. Mr. Walker, welcome to the Deion Sanders’ Suit Emporium. Walker wasn’t able to live up to expectations, especially when you consider he was drafted ahead of a certain Kobe Bryant. It’s hard to respect a man in a top hat.

  • 8. Larry Johnson (No. 1 Pick, 1991)

    Having spent the final two seasons of his college career in Las Vegas, perhaps Johnson came to admire the sense of style in the outfits worn by the waitstaff and other employees of Sin City’s casinos and resorts.

  • 7. Drew Gooden (No. 4 Pick, 2002)

    Gooden’s draft day outfit in 2002 looked to be a gray-toned combination of a suit with a straight jacket. Were there buttons holding the jacket together running along the lapels? Was it velcro? Only Gooden (and whoever designed this ensemble) knows for sure.

  • 6. Chuck Person (No. 4 Pick, 1986)

    For starters, the entirety of the Auburn standout’s tuxedo was white - white shirt, white pants and white jacket. He also added a cummerbund to the ensemble, which was (like the bow tie) hot pink. What a shame that no one asked Person to do any magic tricks on draft night.

  • 5. Tim Thomas (No. 7 pick, 1997)

    The journeyman out of Villanova never figured out how to fit into the NBA … or his suit. Thomas showed up at the ’97 draft looking liked he stolen Jared from Subway’s old clothes.

  • 4. Maurice Taylor (No. 14 pick, 1997)

    Is that the mascot for Hawaiian Punch? No! It’s Mo Taylor embracing the disastrous teal phase that overtook pro sports in the 1990s.

  • 3. Terry Cummings (No. 2 pick, 1982)

    The second pick in the 1982 draft out of DePaul doesn’t have the ugliest suit on our list – that’s because he didn’t wear a suit at all. He wore jeans. It’s the biggest night of your basketball life and you’re dressed like Arnold from “Diff’rent Strokes”?

  • 2. Karl Malone (No. 13 pick, 1985)

    If Karl Malone ever wants to make children’s books, he could follow in the line of the “Where’s Waldo?” series with “Where did the rest of Karl Malone’s tie go?”

  • 1. Jalen Rose (No. 13 pick, 1994)

    You knew one of the leaders of the new school in basketball style, a former member of Michigan’s Fab Five, was going to make a splash at the NBA draft. Rose’s brick colored pinstripe suit luckily didn’t serve as a bad omen for his career, but we’re pretty sure you can find that suit pattern for your curtains at Bed Bath & Beyond.

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