Ziggy Ansah Wears 3D Glasses at Draft - Lost Lettermen


Ziggy Ansah Wears 3D Glasses at Draft


The NFL draft has seen some interesting fashion choices over the years, but nothing like what former BYU defensive end Ziggy Ansah sported during Thursday night’s event.

After being selected fifth overall by the Detroit Lions, Ansah was broadcast at Radio City Music Hall rocking 3D glasses without the lenses in them. The NBA’s Russell Westbrook has already turned oversized, lenseless glasses into a fashion statement but 3D glasses without lenses took the absurdity of this look to a new level.

We’re not sure if Ansah really enjoyed seeing Avatar, it’s a fashionable look back in his native Ghana or he is trying to become a fashion pioneer, but Ansah definitely stood out in more ways than one at the draft.

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