Young Syracuse Fan Bawls for Scoop

Seeing a favorite college basketball player graduate is always tough on college basketball fanatics but apparently it hits adolescent fans the hardest.

A year after a young Michigan State fan cried his eyes out over the final home game of the Spartans’ senior class comes video of a four-year-old child Shane Oliver from nearby Mattydale, NY, who couldn’t bear to discover Scoop Jardine is playing his final games for the Orange as a fifth-year senior.

The YouTube clip already had over 28,000 hits on YouTube as of Wednesday afternoon after being posted last Friday by Shane’s mom, Aubrey, who said Jardine is as popular with her son as Spiderman, according to WSYR-TV.

Said the youngster: “I just want Scoop on my team still!”

When his mother said he needed to pick another favorite player, who retorted, “I don’t want to pick another one!”


“Because I just like Scoop!”

Jardine is certainly a fan favorite because of his catchy nickname and five-year stay in Syracuse. He’s currently averaging 8.6 PPG and 4.9 APG as the point guard for No. 2 Syracuse.

The video has already caught the attention of Jardine, who tweeted about it and has reportedly e-mailed the family so the two can meet up and possibly play one-on-one after the season.

Maybe Jardine will harness his inner Kemba Walker and lead the ‘Cuse to Big East and NCAA tournament titles to turn that frown upside down with two big trophies when the two meet.


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