Xmas Lights Set to Watford Buzzer-Beater


One year ago next Monday, Indiana stunned top-ranked Kentucky, 73-72, on a game-winning three-pointer at the buzzer by Hoosiers forward Christian Watford. It’s a play that IU fans are still cherishing as the Hoosiers are now ranked No. 1.

Want proof? One fan synced the Christmas lights on their house to “react” to the radio call of Watford’s winning shot.

In addition to having the Hoosiers’ interlocking “IU” logo prominently displayed on the roof, the fan lined their property with lights that alternate between red and white. The light show starts with the Hoosiers’ fight song then transitions into the radio call. The lights remain still for a moment but then start flashing wildly when Watford’s shot goes in.

It’s both awesomely excessive and excessively awesome. Happy holidays, Hoosier fans.


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