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Fans Chant ‘Alcoholic’ at CSU’s Eustachy


Larry Eustachy’s success as Colorado State this season comes exactly one decade after he resigned in disgrace from Iowa State. During the Rams’ road game at Wyoming on Wednesday, Cowboy student fans cruelly reminded Eustachy why he was forced out of Ames with chants of “Al-co-hol-ic!”

Tasteless student chants have always been part of college basketball and will continue to be, but sometimes they cross a line. This is one of those instances, as Eustachy has fought hard to stay sober for the past 10 years, ever since photos of him drinking with college students landed him in hot water during his final season with the Cyclones.

Eustachy responded to those chants the best way possible: By leading Colorado State to a 78–56 rout.

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