WVU Mascot Killing Bear Video Resurfaces


We told you last week about West Virginia’s Mountaineer mascot shooting and killing a bear with his school-issue musket and the controversy that ensued.

Well, the video of the incident that was initially taken down from YouTube has resurfaced on the web and appears to be instant classic in Morgantown. As of noon on Tuesday, the video has over 67,000 views on YouTube.

The video shows the mascot, senior Jon Kimble, pointing the musket into a tree and shooting a bear, the bear falling from the sky to the ground and Kimble screaming, “Wooo, let’s go Mountaineers” as a sign reads “Touchdown for the Mountaineer.”

The video then shows Kimble standing over his kill and firing his musket into the sky.

Needless to say, the video has sparked another controversy with YouTube comments that praise Kimble (“F*** yeah, Good hunt!”) and others that find it deplorable (“Hunting at it’s worst. Every frame of that video is disgusting, repulsive and dishonorable.”)

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