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Wolfpack Fan Gives Epic Pregame Speech


William Wallace, you have some new company in the “Epic Rallying Speeches” department.

Prior to NC State’s upset of Duke on Saturday, a Wolfpack superfan named Weston Suggs — whose costume for the game was a modified version of what Mel Gibson wore while portraying Wallace in Braveheart — rallied the masses standing outside PNC Arena. He even “rode in” on a person pretending to be his horse.

“As brothers and sisters of this great university, we have accepted mediocrity ... as the red-headed step child of Duke and Carolina,” Suggs exclaimed. “Today that ends. They may come to our arena, but they will never take our state!”

This is just a great, great twist on the famous “They may take our lives, but they may never take our freedom!” speech. See how they compare below. Here’s hoping that this isn’t the last time Suggs does this before an NC State home game this season.


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