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Wisconsin Star RB: It’s ‘Mon-TAY’ Ball


Wisconsin star running back Monteé Ball rushed for nearly 2,000 yards last fall and scored 39 touchdowns, finishing fourth in the Heisman Trophy race. And he did it with everyone mispronouncing his name the entire time.

That was discovered at Big Ten media days when the bowling ball running back announced that his name has an accent mark on the second e, which means it is pronounced “Mon-TAY” instead of a “Mon-TEE.” Ball explained to Sports Illustrated’s Andy Staples that he doesn’t mind when people mispronounce it but that his girlfriend urged him to correct people once she heard the correct pronunciation from Ball’s parents (Ball’s girlfriend is Annmarie Jahnke, also a rising senior at UW).

What are we going to find out next: That Matt Barkley is actually Matt Barkléy?

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