Wisconsin F Gets Cosmo Kramer Haircut

Don’t be surprised if Mike Bruesewitz is serenaded with taunts of “Cos-mo! Cos-mo!” from opposing road fans for the rest of the season.

The Wisconsin senior forward recently trimmed his flowing red locks, transforming him into a ringer for Cosmo Kramer on “Seinfeld” - so much so that his Badgers teammates have already started calling him “Kramer.”

“Versatile” is a worthy adjective to describe both Bruesewitz’s game and his hairstyle choices. During his tenure in Madison, he has sported a flaming afro (arguably the look he’s best known for), corn rows and a shaved head (to raise money for the fight against MS).

And now the “Kramer.” Bo Ryan no doubt hopes that Bruesewitz’s new ‘do doesn’t usher in Kramer-like klutziness and unpredictability on the court.

[The Dagger]

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