FSU’s Winston in Western Parody GIF


Our friend LSUFreek isn’t just a GIF extraordinaire, he’s also a man who appreciates his Spaghetti Westerns.

To recap Florida State’s 51-14 rout of Clemson on Saturday night, LSUFreek superimposed QB Jameis Winston’s head onto the body of the title character from 1966’s Django, starring Franco Nero (the film upon which 2012’s Django Unchained is very loosely based). LSUFreek’s version is renamed “Djameis.” (And yes, the “D” is silent.)

Winston is shown gunning down outlaws with Clemson helmets (as well as the Tigers’ mascot) before saving his final shot for head coach Dabo Swinney. It’s a fairy apt (as well as violent) metaphor for the 444 yards and three TDs that Winston threw for.

Below is the original gunfight clip for reference. As always, job well done LSUFreek.

[Every Day Should Be Saturday]

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