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Will Ferrell Imitates USC’s Ed Orgeron


Beloved for his past impressions of (among others) George Bush, Robert Goulet and Janet Reno, comedian and USC alum Will Ferrell has recently added Trojans interim head coach Ed Orgeron to his repertoire.

While on “The Dan Patrick Show” on Wednesday to discuss USC’s firing of Lane Kiffin, Ferrell expressed hope that Orgeron would stick around Troy for a little longer “just so we can hear him in his postgame press conferences” before doing a scary-good imitation of Orgeron’s gravelly, Cajun accent that reminds many of Farmer Fran from “The Waterboy.”

“We gonna let the defensive linemen wrestle alligators,” Ferrell joked in Orgeron’s accent. “We gonna throw some voodoo magic in there. You know, a lot of chicken blood and amulets. Things like that.”

We can only hope Will Ferrell will dress up as Orgeron before the end of the season like Ferrell recently did with Tommy Trojan.

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