Petition Calls Duke’s Crazies Terrorists


The controversy surrounding chants made by Duke’s student section, also known as the “Cameron Crazies” towards NC State’s Tyler Lewis took a new twist this past Friday.

A petition appeared on the official White House website to declare the Crazies a “terrorist organization.” Some Duke fans had been accused of shouting “How’s your grandma?” at Lewis, whose grandmother had recently passed away.

The petitioners had this to say on the White House website, “During last night’s competition between the men’s basketball team’s [sic] of NC State and Duke, these extremists chanted ‘How’s your grandma’ to a grieving 18 year old while he competed during the second shot of a free throw visit…This aggression will not stand, man.”

The petition is well short of the 10,000 signatures it hopes to gather by March 10. We have a feeling it will be removed by the White House well before then.


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