White House Petition Blasts New KU Unis


Just hours after Adidas revealed new, hideous postseason uniforms for six of its college basketball teams on Thursday, there’s already a petition to the White House to prevent one of the teams from ever wearing them.

“Stop Kansas basketball from wearing the new uniforms proposed by adidas,” the petition is titled. The descriptor for this petition labels the Jayhawks’ new threads as ones that are “stylistically heinous and tarnish a venerated institution.”

While it’s only a matter of time before we expect this petition to be taken down — the White House has a habit of removing this and others like it for being “in violation of Terms of Participation” — we agree wholeheartedly with its argument. As do many others; as of 1:10 PM ET Thursday the petition has over 200 signatures since being created earlier in the day.

[We the People]

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