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Washington Getting Gold Chrome Lids?


Being a Pac-12 football program these days requires one to keep up with Oregon — both in the wins column and in the style department. From the looks of it, Washington might be the latest conference rival to throw down in response to the Ducks’ ever-changing wardrobe.

UW student Tyson Losness tweeted out the following on Monday night.

We really, really hope that this helmet is legit and not a prototype. Combining the Huskies’ purple and gold on a chrome lid looks absolutely stunning. The manner in which it’s being displayed is akin to the reverence Indiana Jones showed for the golden idol in the opening scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

As an added bonus, Losness also reminded us of Washington’s potential new matte black helmets, which were first leaked back in January.

In the style department, these dogs have the bite to match their bark.

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