Washington Getting Matte Black Helmets?


Matte black helmets are so hot right now in college football and it appears the Washington Huskies are the latest to adopt the trendy look.

Azeem Victor, a three-star linebacker recruit for UW, tweeted this message out:

Why the mannequin is in front of a women’s room, we have no idea.

While we love “black out” games and matte black lids, they are much better as alternate uniforms instead of permanent changes. That’d be especially true for Washington’s home uniforms - gold helmets, purple jerseys and gold pants - that are classics. Hopefully the Huskies’ haven’t made the same mistake twice by switching their home uniforms after the disastrous purple helmet experiment of the late 1990s that was widely unpopular.

Needless to say, Victor isn’t exactly a reliable source for uniform changes. So until proven otherwise, we will assume these are just a new set of alternate uniforms. In that case, it looks sharp and will obviously get the players excited.

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