Wanted on Craigslist: Healthy Iowa RB


People rely on Craigslist these days to find anything and anyone. One intrepid user in Iowa City is hoping to uncover a healthy Iowa running back.

The hilarious Craigslist ad reads, “Need healthy RB. Willing to trade new empty trophy case or whatever you want.” Desired asking price: $1.

In all the years since the “Angry Iowa Running Back-Hating God” first reared its head in 2001, 2012 might be the worst yet — an incredibly depressing fact considering the Hawkeyes have only played three games.

Since January, three Iowa running backs have been dismissed from the program for disciplinary reasons, while another four have suffered injuries, including two season-enders.

What we wouldn’t give to see the replies that the Craiglist poster gets in response to the ad.

[College Football Section]

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