Wake Forest Unveils Two New Helmets


We first learned in March that Wake Forest was working on two new helmets, one matte black and one white. On Thursday, we got our first look at the finished products (which will be used as alternates along with the traditional glossy black model).

As it turns out, the one we weren’t crazy about (the matte black) turned out better-than-expected, while the one we were really excited about (the white one) ended up disappointing us.

The almost-interlocking, black-with-gold-outline “WF” decal looks really sharp on the matte black background. We were worried back in March that the “WF” would be left blank, but thankfully it didn’t come to that.

We were initially really excited at the prospect of a glaring Demon Deacon staring out from the side of a white lid, so imagine our disappointment when all we got was the same old “WF” decal on the all-white lid.

It looks fine, but ... we really wanted that Demon Deacon helmet! Overall Grade: B


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