Vols’ Tyler Bray: I’m Paid to Win Games


Sports clichés are a funny thing. Athletes often don’t hesitate in trotting them out even when the clichés don’t apply to them.

Case in point: Tennessee QB Tyler Bray. The Vols need wins in their final two games to be bowl eligible, and Bray reinforced his team’s desire to get there by telling the media on Tuesday, “I’m paid to win football games.”

Quickly realizing his slip of the tongue, Bray backtracked and said, “I mean… my education. That’s what the SEC likes to call ‘getting paid.’ ”

For its own sake, Tennessee better hope that Bray’s comment wasn’t a Freudian slip. We’re sure it was but dead man walking Derek Dooley has enough to worry about.

[Dr. Saturday]

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