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Iowa’s ‘Vodka Samm’ Speaks Publicly


Samantha “Vodka Samm” Goudie made quite a few headlines in August, when her on-the-field and in-the-jail-cell antics lead to national infamy.

The University of Iowa political science major became an overnight celebrity after allegedly attempting to storm the Hawkeyes’ field on August 31st vs. Northern Illinois, blowing a staggering .341 BAC and tweeting “Just went to jail #yolo” - transforming the student into a Twitter sensation.

After countless requests from the media, party promoters, and vodka distributors, “Vodka Samm” has finally spoke out to Iowa’s student newspaper. The story includes her self-reflection after the arrest and her past struggles with depression and an eating disorder.

“I could have easily taken this opportunity, and ran with it, and been ‘Vodka Samm’ my entire life,” Goudie said in the interview posted on YouTube. “But that’s not why I came to college, I didn’t come to college to drink and be Vodka Samm.”

Well said, “Morally Responsible Samm.”

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