Virginia Tech Getting Stone Helmets?


Over the last two seasons, Virginia Tech has tried to become the Oregon of the ACC when it comes to new uniforms and helmets, only to fail miserably.

Well Hokie fans, brace yourselves, because it looks like things could hit rock bottom - literally.

According to Frank Beamer’s website, Virginia Tech is working on a “Hokie Stone” helmet that looks like a helmet-shaped wall (the school said it’s not sure if or when the lid will be worn). The connection to the school is that Blacksburg’s campus is known for its “Hokie Stone” buildings with material that comes from a nearby quarry.


While the salute to school tradition is nice, the aesthetics of the potential new helmet are an abomination and getting skewered on social media:

Virginia Tech: It’s time to talk. You need an intervention.

[Andy Bitter on Twitter]

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