Virginia Tech Gets Bizarre Bowl Helmets


Maryland was the laughing stock of college football in 2011 with a variety of awful football helmets. This season that team has become Virginia Tech.

First, there was the hideous turkey feet helmet that even QB Logan Thomas disliked. Then there was the giant ripped Gobbler helmet that was widely panned. Now the Hokies will be trotting out another set of bizarre turkey helmets for the Russell Athletic Bowl on Friday vs. Rutgers.

As you can see from the picture below, Virginia Tech is using a matte maroon helmet with a giant orange turkey silhouette that looks completely ridiculous and too similar to South Carolina’s logo. It almost looks as if it’s the middle of a Kung Fu move.

The only redeeming quality of these helmets is the ribbon on the back that honors the shooting victims of Sandy Hook Elementary and the 2007 Virginia Tech Massacre.

Other than that, let’s hope these helmets never see the light of day again and Virginia Tech sticks to defense and special teams next fall instead of new uniforms. Grade: D

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