Michigan’s ‘Derp Face Girl’ Identified


The internet went crazy on Saturday over a goofy GIF of a Michigan coed in stunned silence after quarterback Devin Gardner fumbled away the ball in the fourth quarter.

Thanks to intrepid work done by the student newspaper, The Michigan Daily, the student has been identified as junior Janine Huelsman.

“I was really annoyed about it being all over the internet because so many people refer to me as the ‘drunk student’ and stuff like that,” Huelsman wrote in an e-mail to The Daily. “It was just bad timing.”

She added: “I’m working on just owning the fact that I looked ridiculous because there’s nothing I can do about it.”

Her Twitter profile description now reads, “Professional ‘derp face’ maker. My entire life is pretty much one long awkward moment.”

Kudos to Huelsman for being a good sport about one of the funnier GIFs of the 2013 season.

Oh, and here’s a picture of her during a much happier moment of Saturday’s contest.
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