Vince Young Possessions to Settle Debt


When former Texas star QB Vince Young earned his college diploma in May, it was meant to signify a new beginning for the NFL flameout. Yet he couldn’t completely outrun his past mistakes.

On Monday morning, Harris (TX) County deputy constables armed with court papers entered Young’s home in Southwest Houston to take inventory of all his belongings and value them for auction. It is part of a court-order in which Young settles a $1.7 million debt he owes Pro Player Funding, a company that gave Young a high-risk loan during the 2011 NFL lockout that he then defaulted on.

Young sued his former agent and financial planner for $5.5 million in September, claiming that they duped him into taking out the loan. However, a court later ruled in favor of Pro Player Funding.

Now more than ever, the 30-year-old Young is hoping for a comeback shot in the NFL. Vince Young profile

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