Video: Nick Saban Rips Reporter for Using ‘Appears’ - Lost Lettermen

Video: Nick Saban Rips Reporter for Using ‘Appears’


You know that college football season is fast approaching when Nick Saban is in mid-season, reporter-ripping form.

When addressing the media on Monday following his Alabama team’s first post-spring break practice, Saban didn’t take kindly to a reporter’s query about how the Crimson Tide defensive line “appeared” to be very deep.

“What does ‘appear’ mean?” Saban responded. “Does it mean you dreamed about it and it’s just there? … We’ve never seen these guys play or seen them take on an SEC lineman or anything like that but it appears? I like that … ‘it appears.’ So that’s how we form public opinion because something ‘appears’ that way so we make it that way and then everybody believes it that way.”

Never mind that the reporter mentioned the d-line’s apparent depth as a segue into wondering how Saban would actually assess the group thus far - which, after finishing his mini-rant, Saban finally did.

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