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Leach Has Bizarre ‘Kind, Gentle’ Presser


When Washington State coach Mike Leach addressed the rumors of player discontent at his weekly press conference on Monday, he mentioned his straightforward, often tactless approach to assessing his players’ performances before embarking on a sarcastic “everything is fine” nonsequitor.

Hearing and reading about it is weird. Seeing it is even stranger.

“We’ll make this kind and gentle the rest of the way,” Leach said while encouraging reporters to continue with their normal questions.

When asked what the players had to do to make this a successful season, Leach sarcastically responded, “This program this year, we’ve taken it as far as we possibly can and we couldn’t be happier with it ... Everybody’s great and everybody’s done a perfect job and I like the way everything’s going.”

Moments later, a clearly peeved Leach asked the room, “Is this better? I’ve adjusted. I’m adjusting to your whims and you guys’ desires.”

We’re normally delighted by Leach’s bizarre interactions with the media. In this instance, we just feel sorry for him.


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