LSU-Alabama ‘Movie Trailer’ Goes Viral


The anticipation for Saturday’s matchup between top-ranked Alabama and No. 5 LSU is tantamount to that of a big-budget movie premiere. It even has its own trailer.

The video was posted on Monday through the YouTube page, LSUTigersFB, that’s run in conjunction with Les Miles’ official website. As of 2 PM ET on Wednesday, it has nearly 100,000 views.

If the music running throughout the trailer sounds familiar, it should be. It’s “Something to Fight For” by composer Joseph Trapanese and was used in the trailer for Iron Man 3 released last week. In fact, some of Tony Stark’s dialogue from that trailer is used in the LSU-Alabama one (which we think is a little pointless).

Nonetheless, our blood is pumping in advance of Saturday night. There are dramatic long shots of LSU’s players during their BCS championship game defeat to the Tide as well as fast-action sequences of the Tigers’ offensive and defensive stars at their finest in 2012.

“LSU vs. Alabama III.” Coming to Tiger Stadium very soon.


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