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‘Bama DL Reverse Body Slams Mizzou RB


LaMichael Fanning, a freshman defensive lineman at Alabama, had an opportunity to get on the field at the tail end of the Crimson Tide’s 42–10 blowout of Missouri on Saturday. Fanning was apparently pretty excited at the opportunity.

On a Tigers running play, Fanning wrapped up Mizzou’s Russell Hansborough, lifted him above his head and body slammed him backwards to the turf. Fanning was whistled for unnecessary roughness on the play.

If Fanning felt remorseful, he didn’t show it. Cameras caught him jawing at Missouri players and possibly an official on the following play.

As CBS’ Verne Lundquist and Gary Danielson said after the play, Fanning could be suspended for his suplex of Hansborough. Maybe he’s just announcing his intention to go the same route as former Alabama linebacker Eryk Anders and become an MMA fighter.

[Larry Brown Sports]

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