Herschel Walker’s Daily Workout: 3,500 Sit-Ups and 1,500 Push-Ups (VIDEO)


Former Georgia star RB Herschel Walker insisted to TMZ that he “still thinks he’s getting old,” although he certainly doesn’t work out like most 52-year-olds.

Perhaps lending further credence to both his short-lived yet successful MMA career and his recent claim that he could still play in the NFL, Walker said that his current daily workout consists of roughly 3,500 sit-ups and 1,5000 push-ups. Leading the TMZ cameraman to be something that TMZ cameramen often aren’t: Speechless.

Walker has long been known for his unique training regiment that does not include lifting weights so the fact he still does 3,500 sit-ups and 1,500 push-ups at an age when most men consider golf to be a good workout doesn’t surprise us.

After all, who are we to question the honesty of the physical marvel that is Herschel Walker?


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