Video: DII Coaches Wow With ‘Evolution of Dance’


At Division II Emporia (KS) State, the football coaches treat preseason camps less like grueling buildups to the regular season and more like actual camp.

Last August they started a massive water balloon fight. This spring, they engaged in dance-offs with their players to start most of their early-morning practices - including one particularly memorable session in which head coach Garin Higgins and his staff recreated the viral “Evolution of Dance” video.

“I thought our coaches did pretty good,” Higgins told Yahoo! Sports’ Nick Bromberg. “It was maybe a bit of a hidden competition in there between the coaches of who was going to dance the best. Nobody wants to admit to that, but there’s probably some of that going on because if everybody’s like ‘Well, if I’m going to be in charge of my own part, I’m going to make sure I try to do a pretty good job.’ ”

That’s easy for Higgins to say. Starting at the 2:59 mark of the video above, he pretty much killed it dancing to Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer.

[Dr. Saturday]

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