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Video: Dan Dakich Rips Into Referee Ted Valentine


It didn’t take long for referee Ted Valentine’s confrontation with Cincinnati head coach Mick Cronin to make its way throughout the sports world on Saturday. ESPN’s Dan Dakich, for one, didn’t hold anything back in his criticism of “TV Teddy” while calling the Illinois-Michigan State game later in the day.

Here’s a full transcript of Dakich’s rant:

“Cronin’s reaction is absolutely not the issue … The issue is Valentine. Valentine is lucky he didn’t get punched right there. You walk on somebody, like that … you better know the person you’re walking on.

“Valentine’s always been antagonistic, he’s always talked trash to players, he’s always acted like the game’s above him and, quite frankly, I’ve never understood how these guys in these leagues - whether it’s the Big Ten, the American, the Big East - everybody goes, ‘He’s a great official.’ I go, ‘No he’s not.’ He’s not even close to a great official. A great official doesn’t do that.

“But all these guys hire him, and I don’t understand. I’ve never understood it, quite frankly. But that’s totally on him. He’s lucky he didn’t get hit. Mick Cronin, his reaction, he’s got to stand there and have a guy come on him. He’s in front of his players, he can’t back down. I give Mick Cronin credit for not knocking him out, truthfully. Because you never know in that situation.

“We’re so afraid to call out officials, but I’ve watched Ted Valentine in the Big Ten Tournament point at players on the ground, point at coaches talking trash. You’re an official! You couldn’t play, so you’re an official!”

The next time Dakich calls a game Valentine is working should be interesting.

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