Video: CSU’s Greg Lupfer Calls WSU QB ‘F**’?


The 2013-14 bowl season started with a bang in the New Mexico Bowl when Washington State quarterback Connor Halliday and Colorado State defensive line coach Greg Lupfer got into a verbal altercation following a Cougars touchdown pass.

Check out the video below in which Halliday throws a touchdown pass to put WSU up 7-0, puts his hands up to celebrate and then turns around to confront Lupfer after the coach appeared to yell at him.

If you read Lupfer’s lips, he definitely dropped an f-bomb on Halliday. Even more disconcerning, Lupfer may have called Halliday a “f**” (it appears he said “F*** you you f****** f**”), which would result in an immediate dismissal if he indeed said that.

Stay tuned.

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