Cincinnati Scores on Trick Jump Pass Play

Tim Tebow’s jump passes set the college football world abuzz in the mid- to late-2000s. Now, Cincinnati is bringing back the trick play again, but with a new wrinkle.

Trailing Syracuse, 10–7, early in the second quarter, the Bearcats elected to go for it on fourth-and-two at the Orange’s 37-yard line. Running back George Winn took the handoff and appeared to start leaping in an effort to jump over the line of scrimmage for the first down.

But instead of diving forward, Winn threw a 10-yard jump pass to an open Travis Kelce streaking down the middle. Kelce jogged the remaining 29 yards into the end zone to give Cincy the lead. The Bearcats went on to win, 35-24.

And with that throw, other offensive coordinators around the country scrambled for their playbooks to add this to their arsenal of trick plays.

[Dr. Saturday]

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