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Video: Barkley Rips Committee Over Wichita State


Charles Barkley thinks it was absolutely intentional on the NCAA selection committee’s part to make Wichita State the top seed in the already infamous Midwest “Region of Death.” Here’s what Sir Charles had to say when the bracket was revealed:

“It’s like the committee went out of their way to prove a point to Wichita State. This is by far and away the toughest bracket. First off, they’re making Kentucky an 8-seed. That’s ridiculous. … I actually thought Louisville [the 4-seed in the region] should’ve been a No. 1 seed, to be honest with you, or worst case No. 2. It’s like the NCAA went out of their way to try to make it tough for Wichita State.

“Let me tell you something: Wichita State deserved the No. 1 seed, and they’re not a fluke. They made it to the Final Four last year, and one thing I hate about all of sports is strength of schedule. Why is it Wichita State’s fault those other teams in their conference suck? I think that’s just totally unfair, and what they did to Wichita State, in my opinion now, they made it almost impossible for them to get back to the Final Four.”

May we humbly request that the NCAA tournament producers in charge find an excuse to pair Barkely and noted Wichita State skeptic Doug Gottlieb on the same broadcast panel at some point during the tourney?

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