Alabama RB Tells LSU Crowd to ‘Suck It!’


Top-ranked Alabama’s last-minute win at No. 5 LSU had backup running back Blake Sims excited. Amid that excitement, the redshirt sophomore’s manners floated away into the Baton Rouge night.

After teammate T.J. Yeldon scored the game-winning touchdown, CBS cameras showed a replay of Sims on the sidelines performing a crotch chop and yelling (it appears) “Suck on that, b****!” to the LSU fans seated behind the Crimson Tide bench.

What’s hilarious is that this wasn’t an accidental live shot. The CBS production truck chose to run this as a reaction following Yeldon’s touchdown. In fairness to Sims, LSU students are notoriously rowdy and known for chanting “Suck that tiger d***, b****.” So this is likely in retaliation to a night of taunting.

But rest assured that when this video/GIF finds its way to Nick Saban, he’ll have Sims make amends. Whether it’s by banishing him to the practice squad, writing a letter of apology to LSU or some other means.


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