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Video: Bill Walton Clueless Who Andrew Luck Is


Former Stanford QB Andrew Luck was at Maples Pavilion for Wednesday’s basketball game against Colorado. There’s a good chance that several people sat up and took notice of his presence.

Except for ESPN’s Bill Walton. Who evidently had no idea who Andrew Luck is.

“How about Andrew Luck there on the left? You’ve watched him play some,” Walton’s play-by-play partner Dave Pasch asked Walton, who didn’t respond. “He plays for the Colts,” Pasch added. After some awkward hemming and hawing by Walton, Pasch gave up and said, “Moving on back to basketball…”

This might not have even been Walton’s most out-there moment of the night. Walton also said he thought fellow Stanford alum and Seattle Seahawks CB Richard Sherman was Bob Marley at first.


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