Minnesota Football: Ben Utecht Writes Memory Loss Song for Daughters (VIDEO)


Former Minnesota tight end Ben Utecht retired from the NFL in 2009 following his fifth concussion. Since then, he has begun a second career as a professional signer and started to experience memory loss - both of which inspired him to write a song for his three daughters, called “You Will Always Be My Girls.”

“It was a chance for me to tell my girls that no matter what happens to me and my brain, they’re always going to be there,” Utecht told the Star Tribune.

Just 33 years old, Utecht has been highly active as an advocate for awareness about traumatic brain injury. Last week he shared part of his story with the Senate Committee on Aging in Washington, D.C.

“To really think about a time where I may wake up someday and not recognize the person that I’ve been lying next to for the last 30 years, yeah, that’s scary,” he told the Star Tribune. “I think every person would fear something like that. … If this becomes my mission, I’m prepared.”

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