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Vid of Morrison Barking Arrest Released


When Antonio Morrison was arrested early Sunday morning for barking at a police dog, the first assumption by many was that it was another example of the Florida LB being unable to stay out of trouble.

However, recently released video of Morrison’s arrest — as well as an assessment of the situation from the Sheriff of Alachua (FL) County — suggests that it was an overreaction on the arresting officer’s part.

The video shows Morrison just walking by the police vehicle before being beckoned by Deputy William Arnold. After a brief conversation, Morrison is placed under arrest by Arnold and multiple other officers converge on him.

In a Monday morning interview with The Gainesville Sun, Sheriff Sadie Darnell said that while Arnold was technically correct to arrest Morrison for taunting a police animal, the obscure nature of the law would have better necessitated a warning.

“Our deputies are caught in a lot of threatening situations and are having to make rational, very well-thought-out decisions in the context of chaos, and sometimes they don’t think them all the way through,” Darnell said.


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