Casinos Lose $100M on Ohio St. Cover? - Lost Lettermen

Casinos Lose $100M on Ohio St. Cover?


So much for the house always winning when it comes to gambling.

Ohio State pulled off a bizarre, final-play cover against Northwestern on Saturday, recovering a fumble in the end zone with no time left to provide the final 40-30 score. Had it remained at 34-30 (as it was before the play), the Wildcats would have beaten the 7-point spread the Buckeyes were favored by.

80% of the money bet on the game in Las Vegas was reportedly on Ohio State. As a result of most bettors placing wagers on OSU, that final-play cover cost worldwide bookmakers an estimated $100 million, according to insider RJ Bell.

In Vegas, there’s no such thing as a meaningless score.

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