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Vandy OL Coach Rips Profane UT Fan


We’ve heard plenty of instances in which trolling college football fans go after opposing teams’ head coaches. Yet what transpired on Monday is the first notable time we know that an offensive line coach has been called out.

In a since-deleted tweet, a Tennessee fan named Julian Bucio direct messaged Vanderbilt offensive line coach Herb Hand — who, by all accounts, is one of the nicer and more approachable coaches on Twitter — to tell him that his wife “is f*cking someone while you coach your pathetic football team.”

Hand — the first line of whose Twitter profile reads “husband to an awesome wife” — then invited Bucio to his office “so we can discuss this face to face” and “talk about this in person like men” (a tweet which has since been deleted). He then passed the word along to new Vols head coach Butch Jones, with whom he is friends and previously served as a fellow assistant coach at West Virginia.

Bucio expressed no remorse, saying that he said what he said in order to call out Hand for his “sub tweets” and that saying Hand’s wife was being unfaithful was no big deal. We’re just the latest of many people — including Bucio’s fellow Vols fans — to vehemently disagree.

To his credit, Hand is trying to get past it and get back to his usually cheery self.

If this is how Bucio keeps himself entertained between now and football season, we pity him.

[Dr. Saturday]

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