Pranksters Amp Up for USC-UCLA Game

[Update: The picture of UCLA’s Sproul Hall dorm lit up to say “F*** SC” is apparently fake, to the chagrin of college football fans and pranksters everywhere.]

A college rivalry wouldn’t be a rivalry without some good old fashioned vandalism. The battle for Los Angeles between USC and UCLA is no different.

Vandals on the Trojans’ side fired the opening salvo for the 2012 edition of this off-the-field rivalry. They defaced a sign on the edge of UCLA’s campus, painting over the “LA” and adding a red “S” between the “U” and “C”.

UCLA responded in kind by forming a pattern of room lights on one of its dorms to spell out “F*** SC.”

Each school has also taken precautions to protect its landmarks from vandals. USC’s Tommy Trojan statue has been covered in duct-tape and is under 24-hour surveillance, per usual, and the Trojan sword at the entrance ramp to USC’s locker room has been covered and padlocked. Meanwhile in Westwood, the Bruin Bear and new statue of John Wooden have also been enclosed in large boxes.

Any previous doubt that Rivalry Week has arrived has been erased.

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