Nick Van Exel’s Son Sentenced For Murder

Nick Van Exel’s 22-year-old son was sentenced to 60 years for murder this Friday in Texas.

Nickey Maxwell Van Exel was found guilty Thursday of shooting his close friend Bradley Bassey Eyo in 2010.

Reports the Dallas Morning News: “[Prosecutors] said the younger Van Exel shot his friend with a 12-gauge shotgun as retaliation because Eyo, 23, planned to “snitch” about robberies they committed together in Houston earlier in 2010. Eyo was charged in connection with the robberies, but Van Exel wasn’t because police lacked evidence against him.

Eyo pleaded guilty and was expected to detail the crimes to Harris County authorities at a sentencing hearing. He died 10 days before that hearing.”

Nick Van Exel, a former Cincinnati Bearcat and longtime NBA player, is currently on staff for the Atlanta Hawks in player development.

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