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USC’s Athletics Center Rivals Oregon’s


On Tuesday, USC officially opened the John McKay Center. At 110,000-square feet, the gleaming $70 million athletics facility looks to be on par with the $68-million facility coming to Eugene next year.

According to Heisman Pundit’s/CBS Sports’ Chris Huston, the McKay Center houses “offices and meeting rooms for the football program, locker rooms, an underground practice field, a vast weight room, academic services, a training room and several multi-media displays touting USC’s athletics tradition.”

We were salivating most over the locker room. Each locker comes equipped with its own iPad, and giant photos adorn the walls. We also like the “We Own L.A.” sign in the team meeting room, a not-so-subtle jab at crosstown rival UCLA.

Fight On!

[Eye on College Football]

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