USC Football: High School Teammates Receive Identical Recruiting Letter


Even a beatdown of Fresno State on Saturday wasn’t a complete dam on the river of bad publicity rumbling out of Troy over the last 10 days.

USC had another embarrassing moment on its hands — albeit a minor one — when two recruits and high school teammates received identical recruiting letters.

Darian Owens and Caleb Kelly (pictured), 4- and 5-star recruits respectively according to 247 Sports’ composite rankings, posted since-deleted tweets on Monday of their identical letters and dismay. Kelly captioned his, “When you thought you were special..” while Owens simply wrote, “Never Trust.”

Kelly’s mother Valerie also put in her two cents, tweeting “If you want to impress us, don’t lie, be real. Just like you’re checking on us, we’re checking on you!!! It goes both ways!!!”

In the end, it seemed like everyone was going to be OK.


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