USC Says Fake Rep Calling Coaches


The circus at USC just got more dysfunctional.

After former NFL head coach and current NFL analyst Tony Dungy publicly said that he was contacted by the Trojans about their head coaching vacancy, USC responded by saying that the person who contacted Dungy and a Denver Broncos assistant - presumably defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio - was actually a fake.

USC has been alerted that individuals posing as USC representatives made overtures to two coaches regarding the Trojans’ head coaching position.

In one instance, a person falsely identifying himself as a high-ranking member of the USC athletic department attempted to make contact several times with the Denver Broncos’ coaching staff to discuss the Trojan job.  That person has been identified by USC and appropriate action is being taken.

In another, someone claiming to represent USC reached out to a contact of former NFL head coach and current NBC broadcaster Tony Dungy, who said on today’s Dan Patrick Show that he had no interest in the Trojan job.  That person, again not a representative of USC, also has been identified and USC is in the process of contacting that individual.

“Tony’s discussion on the radio today of being contacted by USC was a complete surprise to us,” USC Athletic Director Pat Haden said.  “So were the calls made to the Broncos.  I can assure you no authorized representative of USC or our athletic department made these calls.

It’s just the latest embarrassment for a program that started the 2012 season ranked No. 1 in the country only to go 10-8 since then.

After his previous hijinx, does anyone else picture the axed Lane Kiffin being the culprit behind all this?



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