Hurricanes’ Warren Sapp Now Bankrupt


Former Miami (FL) star Warren Sapp has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and reportedly owes more than $6.7 million to creditors and back child support and alimony.

He also reportedly lost his 2002 Super Bow ring and 1991 national championship ring he earned with the Hurricanes. Even worse? It is being reported Sapp won’t be renewed by the NFL Network next season for his analyst gig there.

However, Sapp doesn’t sound too crushed by the loss of the ring he earned at “The U,” telling TMZ, “Have you ever seen the Miami Hurricanes championship ring? It was 10 carats of cubic zirconia and yellow gold. it might be worth 300 bucks.”

Funny, 300 bucks probably sounds pretty good to Sapp about now. Warren Sapp profile

[USA Today]


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