UNM Fans Raise $2K for NMSU Student - Lost Lettermen


UNM Fans Raise $2K for NMSU Student


After reading about how New Mexico State student, Iraq veteran and double amputee Matthew Zajac missed out on a $2,000 cash prize for not being in attendance for an Aggies football game on September 28th (he was caring for his grandmother), Mark Chavez decided to do something about it.

Ironically, Chavez runs a 6,000-member message board called The Lobo Lair, which is dedicated to NMSU’s in-state rival, New Mexico. That didn’t stop him from putting out a call for donations - which, as of Wednesday afternoon, total $2,222.

“There’s definitely no love between Lobo fans and Aggie fans, other than the whole New Mexico connection,” Chavez told Deadspin. “While we love to kick each other’s teeth in on the field, we still respect each other as New Mexicans. This wasn’t about cherry and silver vs. whatever colors they are. It’s more about New Mexicans helping New Mexicans.”

Zajac was initially hesitant to accept the donations before deciding to split the proceeds with the Fisher House Foundation, a charity that supports military families. As if we needed another reason to respect the hell out of him.


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