Under Armour Unveils New Hoops Unis

We may still be in the heart of college football season, but hoops is right around the corner. And Under Armour is making sure that the teams it outfits will be ready.

Starting with the equivalent of its test kitchen, Maryland. To salute the Terrapins’ season-opening tilt with Kentucky at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on Nov. 9, Under Armour has honored the borough with a gray pattern that’s supposed to look like wool and “Maryland” spelled out in script, evoking the days when the Dodgers used to be Brooklyn’s centerpiece.

Considering how horrified we’ve been by what Under Armour has done for Maryland’s football teams, we’re very impressed by how clever this Terps basketball uniform is.

There are also new jerseys for fellow Under Armour schools Northwestern, Auburn and Texas Tech. Like Maryland, those schools are wearing UA Armour Light uniforms that “are lighter than ever before with less drag so our team can play faster and stronger.”

Northwestern’s and Auburn’s jerseys are nice enough. We took note of how the former nicely incorporated the stripe also featured on the school’s football uniforms.

If only we could be so kind when it comes to what Texas Tech will be sporting. A tiny “Texas” runs across the top of the “T” in “Tech” on the front of their jerseys and zebra-like stripes run along the sides of the jersey that make no sense in light of the team’s Red Raiders nickname.


Maryland: A-

Northwestern: B

Auburn: B-

Texas Tech: D

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